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Create your terrain fast & seamlessly, regardless of the size

Unlimited size and resolution, real-time preview and ultra-fast generation

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What's Instant Terra?

Dedicated to the video game industry, CGI and VFX studios, Instant Terra is a 3D terrain creation software that will boost your productivity and creativity.

Based on innovative technologies, Instant Terra offers unique advantages:

Unlimited size and resolution: Do not let your computer determine the maximum size of your terrain. Your terrain can contain billions of quads. Instant Terra supports it while remaining fluid.

Full-screen, real-time preview: Change a setting and immediately see the result. No preview window: the result is already visible in your main window.

Ultra-fast generation: Your terrain is ready and now you want to use it for the rest of your production. Instant Terra generates it much quicker than existing solutions.

Instant Terra

Unlimited terrain size

Decide freely of the size of your terrain.

Instant Terra supports terrains of millions and billions of vertices.

  Seamless workflow even with terrains of billions of vertices

Instant Terra

Full-screen, real-time preview

Master your creation process: the full-screen preview is real-time updated.


  Full-screen, real-time preview even at the highest resolutions.

Instant Terra

Fast generation

Generate your terrain up to 20 times faster than any procedural tool you have tried before.


By far the fastest procedural terrain generation tool.

Instant Terra features


The development of Instant Terra is still in progress.

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