Hatena blog (in Japanese)

October 5, 2017


"成! 世界一直感的にTerrainを作成できる最新のDCCTool 『Instant Terra』で 簡単本格Terrain作成!ということで、 今回は南極大陸の地形データを流用しTerrainデータを作成してみました。"

RENDER.RU (in Russian)

October 5, 2017


"Wysilab представили первую публичную бета версию Instant Terra - нового инструмента для создания рельефных мешей и карт." Read more...


October 2, 2017


"We’ve talked with the developers of Instant Terra – a new terrain creation tool for games, which was developed by Ubisoft veterans, who wanted to create accessible and powerful landscape modeling tool. Instant Terra is now in beta, so make sure to check it out." Read more...


August 3, 2017


"In recent years in the gaming industry, Wysilab has witnessed accelerated ambitions in game play and design. The space in which games are held is becoming larger: now we speak of terrains that are hundreds or even thousands of km². The means available to artists do not allow them to take their creativity to the limits. Most existing tools are limited, slow, and complex." Read more...

3DVF (in French)

June 19, 2017


"The MIFA, professional appointment of the Annecy Festival, presents the opportunity each year to discover new technologies. At the 2017 edition, we met Wysilab, a French company based in Montpellier." 

"Le MIFA, versant professionnel du Festival d'Annecy, est chaque année l'occasion de découvrir de nouvelles technologies. L'édition 2017 nous a permis de croiser Wysilab, société française basée à Montpellier." Read more...

Metropolitain (in French)

June 2nd, 2017


"On May 30, the Créalia regional seed fund jury awarded the Innovation Honour Loan of €170,000 to three high-potential regional companies," said the President of the regional fund, Stéphane Marcel.

"Le jury du fonds d’amorçage régional Créalia a accordé 170 000 € de Prêt d’Honneur Innovation le 30 mai dernier à 3 belles entreprises régionales à potentiel", annonce le président du fonds régional, Stéphane Marcel. Read more...

Neozone (in French)

May 29th, 2017


"Instant Terra revolutionizes the creation of 3D terrain through a fluid, ultra-fast process, regardless of the size of the terrain. Instant Terra easily handles the generation of gigantic terrains. Changes made during the creation are visible in real time."

"Instant Terra révolutionne la création de terrains 3D avec un process fluide, ultra rapide quelle que soit la taille des terrains. La génération de terrains gigantesques ne lui fait pas peur et les changements réalisés lors de la création sont visibles en temps réel." Read more...


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