Class Connector


You have to include the header Connector.h.

class Connector

Connector of a node.


Error − In any of these commands, if the communication is off, the following error code will be reported ErrorCode::CommunicationError.

// Get the first node of a graph
InstantTerra instantTerra = CreateInstantTerra();
Project project = instantTerra.GetProject();
Graph graph = project.GetGraph();
Node firstNode = graph.GetNode(0);

Connector firstConnector = firstNode.GetConnector(0);

size_t Connector::GetNameLength() const

Returns the length of the connector

void Connector::GetName(wchar_t *buffer, size_t bufferLength) const

Returns the name of the connector

ConnectorMode Connector::GetConnectorMode() const

Returns the connector mode: Input, Optional or Output

ConnectorType Connector::GetConnectorType() const

Returns the connector type: Terrain, Mask, ColorMap, etc.

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