Adding an On/off parameter

You can create an On/off parameter node and apply it to a custom node. This node simply toggles a parameter on or off.

To create a custom node parameter, open the custom node graph and select Create node > New custom node > On/off parameter in the contextual menu. A new node is created.

Double click on the On/off parameter node to open its parameters.


Editing an on/off parameter

To edit an on/off parameter:

  • Name the on/off parameter.
  • Enter a Description.
  • Set the Default value to On or Off by checking the radio buttons. The node's output has a value of 0 if the parameter is off or 1 if it is on.
  • Set the Visibility. By default, the parameter is always visible. When Hidden when or Disabled when is selected, additional parameters appear to define the condition in a second combo box that contains the list of all parameters of the On / off parameter and List parameter. See Parameter visibility for details.

The parameter appears in the custom node parameters.


Parameter Use
Name Component name
Description Component description
Default value Sets the default value to apply to a custom node

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